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Everyday we get up to make money, so that we can spend money in hopes of having a tolerable life. As people we all achieve different levels of the idea of success, which is living the American Dream. Here lies the the confusion "The American Dream". What is the American Dream? If I am an American why is my dream not the American Dream, because it seems if my skin is not close to cream, I am not allowed to dream.

And if I am, Why did my Daddy and his caucasian co-workers not get paid the same back in the day and why if I am a veteran I can't make a decent wage. Why did my Mommy have so many houses outside of her own to clean and no car to drive, when she worked way more hours than 9 to 5. This is just the tip of this BLACK ICEBERG.....because the manifestation of this problematic situation is unbelievable.

The manifestation of my life's work breaks down in to memories also known as moments, which breaks down into happiness or sadness in some way. Life is dependent on decisions made in a moment. I said that to say this both my parents told me something like, no matter what happens to us, we gone make sure y'all make it through today, so y'all young folks can fight for us old people tomorrow.

Thankfully my tomorrows are still able to hopeful but the handicap of America and its ways have staggered my dreams. So for me and many others like me the everyday hustle is literally mentally making it to the next day knowing that your full value is not fully recognized in AMERICA. THE EVERY DAY HUSTLE IS A STRUGGLE.

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